Toned And Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS

10 Min Most Effective Thighs Exercises of All Time

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I’m going to share a slim thighs workout which I have been doing and has been proved to be very effective in slimming down thighs. Only one of the 9 exercises today is standing exercise the others could be done lying down which make the workout easy for us to persist Do this workout once a day you will see the results soon.


8 Toned And Slim Thighs in 7 DAYS |10 Min Beginner

1. Plie Squats:

Please turn your toes outwards in a wide stance position Keep your back straight Squat down Squat until thighs are parallel to the ground Be careful not to bend your knees forward but to extend towards the toes so you can avoid knee pain This action works well intoning the inside of our thighs.

2. Lying One Leg Lift:
The legs don’t need to be raised very high but be sure to straight your legs hard and keep your toes pointed Lift up slowly and drop slowly also Please do not let your leg touch the other leg when drop it Tighten the abdomen Squeeze butts Do this exercise slowly and well-controlled Please tuck your belly button to be close to the spine while maintaining normal breathing This is the way how to tighten the belly we have been emphasizing OK, let’s switch to the other side Keep your toes pointed Because this can help us Keep thighs tense and well-controlled This exercise looks easy but actually makes the leg burns This kind of exercise which can enhance muscle endurance is really good for us to get the lean legs Because it can accelerate fat burning also tone the muscles but don’t build very bulky muscles Today’s exercises are all of this type.
3. Bridge Pose:

Glute Bridge with Towel Tighten the abdomen and squeeze butt use the power from Butt to push the hip off the ground. Don’t need to lift it very high as long as the thighs are in line with the body Please avoid using the power from the waist to do the lift Imagine. We need to hold a piece of paper by squeezing the butts all the time while doing the glute bridge this can help you do the bridge in a right way. The action of holding the towel with knees also strengthens inner thigh training.

4. Leg Hugs:

Lift your legs perpendicular to the ground split legs to the maximum then take them back to the beginning position. Please keep your toes pointed all the time don’t bend your legs neither. These are very critical points to ensure the effectiveness of this exercise and do the movements by using the muscles not by the inertia of the actions. The next exercise is Inner Thigh Lifts don’t let your legs touch the ground when dropping. This is a good exercise for the outside part of thighs We still need to straighten legs and keep toes pointed OK, let’s switch to the other side Again, please point your toes and straighten the knee Don’t touch the ground when your leg drops.


5. Donkey Kicks

Kneeling on the mat Keep your thighs perpendicular to your body arms perpendicular to the upper body Lift your foot towards the ceiling please keep the abdomen tightened Imagine tucking your belly button close to the spine Keep your back straight Don’t sink your waist down Do the movements slowly and well-controlled and we will get better results OK, let’s switch to the other side This exercise can be very effective intoning the front and back parts of our thighs, also the glute So in addition to leaning legs, this exercise an also tone the hips very well prevent hips from sagging also raise the hip line to show longer legs.

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6. Lying Crossover Kicks

We lay on the mat, legs straight up place the right ankle on left ankle open knees to your sides then go back to the beginning position Keep your legs as straight as possible when restoring Don’t bend your knees also Please keep two ankles touching all the time When your knees are open move your heels as close to your body as possible Maybe you are tired now but please keep going, you can do it OK, let’s switch Put your left leg on right leg Do the same exercise for 30 seconds This movement can exercise our entire thighs very well, especially the inner thighs.

7. Lying Straight
: Leg Knee Flexion keep our legs perpendicular to the ground then touch hips with your heels please don’t bend your knees, also keep toes pointed This movement can thin the front part of the thigh well Maybe you feel sore or burn in thigh now Please don’t stop, just keep going You can do it slowly if you are tired.

8. Straight-legged Hip Raise

After going back to the original position move legs forwards a little bit Please remember to point toes to keep the thighs tense This exercise can thin the front and back parts of thighs and also tone our belly especially the lower abdomen Maybe you can not raise hip at the beginning It’s ok As long as you can do this once a day the hip can be lifted in a week And it’s going to be lifted higher and higher gradually.


You can do this routine once a day do not go more than twice and be sure to stretch well after finishing Also, there’s no local fat burning In other words, if your body fat percentage is high Or your weight is high you can do this workout.


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