Personal Trainer Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey at Home After My Pregnancy

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Women tend to gain weight easily after marriage and post-childbirthbecause of lifestyle, hormonal and many such factors. It becomes very difficult after childbirth, as we give many such excuses since we don’t find time, depression & many such obstacles we face in our daily life.  Weight loss journey is not a marathon, no shortcuts and only hard work pays success.   For gym workout photoshoot I posed for the first picture I was shocked to see myself being obese and it gave me a spark to begin my weight lose training at home, then I hired a personal fitness trainer at home in Hyderabad.

How to target the weight and how to reduce my belly fat after pregnancy was my first target. On April I was 96 Kg, and after 3 months I lost 10 kg. I lost 10 kgs every quarter, September again I lost another 20. Only on the march, I was 68 kg, so it took one and half year to achieve this weight loss. It doesn’t happen just like that, it took a whole year for me to see the actual results.

Discussing about how I break down my weight minimum 800gm per week is my strict target. Initial period its very easy to shed weight in the first 3 months with all efforts we can drop 10kgs, With all combinations, our body find to kick start weight loss next 3 months. It becomes little difficult But remembering that Hard Work definitely pays off Patiently we should follow all these steps. This is how we should set targets and focus. Determination is the key for weight loss journey, only if we are persistent and determined we will be able to lose weight. If we are into something,  totally the whole universe will support us I was very stubborn about making my decision.  

I am now a Female Fitness Trainer Hyderabad                           

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  1. Madhavi is a professional fitness trainer.What i found as make a difference in her training is she gauges the individual
    ‘s strength’s, understands ones body and plans the program accordingly which is the right meaning of personal trainer.She exactly pushes the mindset keeping the safe zones of body and injuries although it is distance training.She is very warm and happy person to work with which keeps us motivated and look forward for the workout.

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