Pronated grip works better

Difference between pronated grip And supinated grip exercise

Difference Between Pronated Grip and Supinated Grips

Learn, when to use a pronated grip and supinated grip while doing workout in the gym. Lifting the weight does not matter, grip plays the game changer. Grip is very important when you are lifting the weight because it can influence which muscles your are targetting.

Pronated grip works better
supinated grip pulldown muscles

Pronated vs Supinated Grip: Defined

What is a Pronated Grip?

The pronated grip is any resistance-based exercise that needs the athlete to deal with their palms outward and grip a part of the equipment. The athlete’s knuckles should be on the equipment bar when properly performing this movement style.

Several types of equipment are used for pronated grip exercises, including dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells. Often, these workouts worked to tone and strengthen the arm muscles.

What is a Supinated Grip?


Pronated Vs. Supinated Grip: What’s The Difference?

Pronated grips are frequently confused with supinated grips, as the two are used in very similar workouts. Both are useful to sportspersons; some even incorporate a special “alternated grip,” which uses both.

In sports, the variations of grip styles are categorized by the placement of your palms. In the case of a pronated grip, the palms face away from the body. With a supinated grip, the palms face the sportsperson, thus making an underhand grab. A changed grip involves both hand placements simultaneously, while a neutral grip sees both palms facing one another.

What Are The Benefits Of Pronated Grip Exercises?

Pronated grip exercises are only sometimes simple. Frequently, they present a challenge to the athlete by building more resistance. However, several studies have suggested that using a pronated grip strengthens your body and uses more muscles than you might otherwise.

When to Use a Pronated Grip or a Supinated Grip?

A pronated grip is safer than a supinated grip in a few exercises. (Example: squats and lunges with a barbell back-racked on your shoulders). You should choose the grip style that helps you meet your fitness plans.
The supinated grip is closed-supinated as a variation for many of the main upright and horizontal pulling activities.

Example: Bench press, Shoulder press, Barbell squat



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